Sunday, March 25, 2018

Five in a Row! Blues Over Columbus 2-1

St. Louis Blues vs Columbus Blue Jackets - Game 75 Recap
Goals: Steen (15) and Tarasenko (29)
Record 42-28-5
My thoughts on the game

  • Someone suggested that they liked my recaps when they were more opinion based (like a columnist), instead of game recaps (written like a reporter).  I honestly didn't realize I had changed so much until I went back and read some of the earlier ones. As I tried to be more thorough, things did change. If you have a preference and would like to offer feedback, please comment on here or on the social media posts. I'd love to hear from you.
  • This game was a clash of two teams that showed a lot of animosity for one another back in October when the Blues won by a score of 4-1. Coming into this one, Columbus had won 10 straight games. The Blues had won 4 straight and were battling for their playoff lives.
  • Alexander Steen scored early. With linemates Kyle Brodziak and Patrik Berglund this group is working hard and contributing. It's really good to see.
  • Columbus had a goal waived off shortly after due to the fact that it was a soccer goal. The guy kicked it in.
  • I understand the fans who were disappointed with Jake Allen, who for the second year in a row went through a funk earlier this season. But, boy! Is he playing well now!? The save he made in the first period with guys in front of him and a wide open net where he reached across and snagged the puck out of the air. WOW! Or should I say "WOOOOO!"? (Ala Ric Flair) I mean, I think I saw a couple of Blue Jackets raise their arms to celebrate, they were so certain that it was a goal.
  • Truth is, this is the way Jake was playing early in the season when we were being talked about as one of the best teams in the NHL. Then Carter Hutton stepped in and played lights out when we needed him most. Thank God for him, too. And now thank goodness Jake is playing the way he is. He made a LOT of nice saves on a VERY good team tonight.
  • Nationwide Arena looked dark on TV! Seriously, compared to Scottrade it was like night and day.
  • Why do idiots bang on the glass when the play gets close to them? What are they trying to accomplish? Do they think it bothers the players? Do they think it helps their team? Have they just had too much to drink or are they just stupid? I saw lots of people doing this in Nashville too, so I hope it's not something that catches on in St. Louis.
  • Has anyone noticed how much more physical Tage Thompson has gotten in the past few weeks? I can't wait to see this guy in a year or two when he's filled out a little more and has that much more game experience. With a little more meat on his bones and the skill he has, he's going to be a beast!
  • I thought Vladimir Tarasenko's goal was very creative. Something you don't see much from him. He slid to his left and created a lane and then used Alex Pietrangelo as a screen. It was nice to see and turned out to be the game-winner. 
  • He also nearly gave up a goal when he turned the puck over in the offensive zone out near the blue line. He hustled to get back but couldn't catch the guy. Lucky for us that Jake Allen made the stop and did so quite smoothly. It didn't look like the guy really ever even got close to finding an opening. Thanks for having Vladi's back, Jake.
  • Columbus managed to score one goal. Cam Atkinson sniped one past Jake. The shot was unexpected and a good one. 
  • The commentators said Jake "stood on his head" in the third period to stop everything Columbus threw at us. I never saw him do that, but the camera angles don't always allow you to see everything. I'll bet it's hard to do, though, with all that equipment on.
  • The Blues are now 10-2-2 in the 2nd night of back-to-back games this season. It's a good thing they have such a good record in such games because they have two more of them yet this season. Including the last game of the regular season in Colorado which could very well be for all the marbles. Well, not ALL the marbles but at least a playoff spot and a chance to eventually play for "All the Marbles".
  • Hope you enjoyed me getting back to my roots. Thanks to Barry Anglin for pointing me back to them. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, please like and share on social media. Comments always welcome. Let's go Blues!
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